Based upon the tremendous success of the first Hong Kong Green Awards (HKGA) formulated and staged by the Green Council (GC) in 2010, GC is determined to establish and further evolve it into a widely celebrated and recognized prominent annual event in Hong Kong. Its direct focus is to seek out, identify and recognize select participating companies that have pursued and achieved outstanding performance and results in the areas of green purchasing, green management and green governance. Nevertheless, the broader objective of this year's event -- "Hong Kong Green Awards 2016" (HKGA 2016) is to encourage all large corporations and SMEs in Hong Kong to include environmental considerations, responsibility, management, performance, continuous improvement and leadership in their operations, thereby enabling them to present themselves as businesses with strong and desirable environmental performance improvement priorities and accomplishments.

HKGA 2016 incorporates four awards categories --
  "Green Purchaswi$e Award" (GPA)"Green Management Award" (GMA), “Environmental, Health and Safety Award (EHSA)" and "Corporate Green Governance Award" (CGGA). It is being organized, and directed and led by the Green Council in conjunction with over 30 supporting organizations, namely, according to nature: Development Bureau, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Environmental Protection Department, Planning Department, Global Ecolabelling Network, International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management, International Green Purchasing Network, The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong, Construction Industry Council, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Federation of International SME Ltd., The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Limited, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small & Medium Business (HKGCSMB), Hong Kong Hotel Association, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Danish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Finnish Chamber of Commerce, HK, French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Singapore Chamber of Commerce, Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) - Hong Kong Branch, Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education, The Hong Kong Federation of Occupational Safety and Health Associations, Hong Kong Green Building Council, The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Environmental Division, Hong Kong Logistics Association, Hong Kong Procurement Professional Association, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Institute for Supply Management - Hong Kong (ISMHK), Institute of Purchasing & Supply of Hong Kong.

To recognize corporations and SMEs with outstanding performance on green purchasing and green management
To encourage companies to improve their environmental performance in their operations and management processes
To present the companies' environmental consciousness and social caring with the award
Organizer and Secretariat : Fully Supported by:

Hong Kong Green Awards 2016 is comprised of the "Green Purchaswi$e Award (GPA)"the "Green Management Award (GMA)" – Corporate/Service Provider/Project Management Categories, the "Environmental, Health and Safety Award (EHSA)", and the "Corporate Green Governance Award (CGGA)".


1. For the Green Management Award – Service Provider Category, below is a non-inclusive list of the different business natures suitable for this Category: Financial Service, Customer Service, Food and Beverage, Government Department, Property Management, Public Utilities, Retail, Transportation and Logistics etc.
2. For the Green Management Award – Project Management Category, below is a non-inclusive list of the different project natures suitable for this Category: Construction Site, Environmental / Restoration Project, Infrastructure Development, Property Development, Raw Materials Extraction and Management etc.


Application Procedures

^ Applicants are required to submit the completed Enrollment Form and Enrollment Fee to the secretariat by post or courier. The Enrollment Fee shall be paid by crossed cheque payable to "Green Council Limited"
Address: Room 703, New World Tower I, 18 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong
Attention: "Secretariat - Hong Kong Green Award 2016"
# Submit the completed assessment form and relevant supporting documentation in ONE (1) hard copy and ONE (1) soft copy (preferably in MS Word/Excel/Powerpoint 2003 or .pdf format).
 Assessment Process

 Enrollment Fee
Award Large Corporation SME
Green Purchaswi$e Award (GPA) 
HK$ 38,000 HK$ 4,800
Green Management Award (GMA)
HK$ 38,0001 HK$ 4,800
Environmental, Health and Safety Award (EHSA)
HK$ 38,0001 HK$ 4,800
Corporate Green Governance Award (CGGA) 
HK$ 50,000 -
Subsidiary / Section / Department / Division / Team / Branch of "eligible" corporations or organizations
HK$ 9,8002 HK$ 4,800
1 Applicable for the FIRST enrolment entry (typically the corporation’s headquarter).
2 Only applicable for a parallel enrolment with GPA and/or GMA and/or EHSA
Definition of SME:
1. Manufacturing business which employs fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong; or
2.Non-manufacturing business which employs fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong.
The"number of persons employed" includes individual proprietors, partners and shareholders actively engaged in the work of the business; and salaried employees of the business, including full-time or part-time salaried personnel directly paid by the business, both permanent and temporary.
Result Announcement
  List of Awardee List of Sustainable Performance
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