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Green Label Scheme
Green Label Scheme > Eco-product Certification Scheme

ISO/IEC Guide 65


International Recognition
The Eco-product Certification Scheme (ECS) has adopted a Quality System based on ISO/IEC Guide 65:1996 as a basic management tool, involving system 5 of the product certification (including testing and surveillance of samples from factory or the open market, or both) under ISO/IEC Guide 67:2004.

The ECS product standards were developed by the consideration of harmfulness to human health and safety, adverse impact to the environment, unique market situation in Hong Kong and international eco-labelling trend. Starting from benchmarking of global eco-labelling schemes to peer review by ECS Certification Advisory Committee, the ECS product standards can fulfil both international environmental criteria and Hong Kong market needs.

4 "E" Ambition "ECS" Benefits

‧Enhance the environmental awareness among members of the society

‧Enhance consumers' confident with product compliance to credible and stringent environmental performance standards.

‧Expand the number of organizations to implement green purchasing and green consumption

‧Consolidate customer interest and loyalty among the growing environmentally concerned consumer sector to achieve green purchasing.

‧Encourage Hong Kong's manufacturer to implement green production

‧Stringent and effective marketing tool in the increasingly environmentally conscious world.

‧Establish "green" image of Hong Kong's products in the world


Application form of ECS
Product Criteria for Construction Materials Coatings: Paint Products (ECS-CM-001-001:2008)
List of certified products
Application procedure

Certification Advisory Committee:

Prof. C. W. CHAN
The Open University of Hong Kong (School of Science and Technology)

Prof. Gilbert Y. S. CHAN [Chairman]
The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong (Department of Applied Biology & Chemical Technology)
Prof. H. CHUA
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Civil & Structural Engineering
Prof. Y. S. FUNG
The University of Hong Kong, Department of Chemistry
Gabuji Laboratory Technical Services Ltd.
Mr. John K. M. HO
Fugro Certification Services Ltd.
Ir Paul W. Ch. LAI
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (Department of Chemical Engineering)
Mr. Joseph T. L. Poon
Fugro Certification Services Ltd.
The Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification Ltd.
Dr. T. K. WAI
The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Andy W. H. WONG
Gabuji Laboratory Technical Services Ltd.
Prof. Jimmy C. M. YU
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Chemistry