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Eligibility for HKGLS Application


Eligibility for HKGLS Application

HKGLS is open to application by local and overseas businesses and industries with the intention to enhance the market competitiveness of their products by means of the Scheme. The prerequisites of application are:

(a) The label is applicable only to product categories promulgated by HKGLS;

(b)The applicant must be a legal entity (e.g., a legally registered company, sole proprietorship or individual);

(c) The product in application has to satisfy the relevant product environmental criteria set by HKGLS and, if applicable, other statutory performance criteria; and

(d) The product in application has to satisfy the requisite quality and safety requirements set forth in the ordinances concerned.

(e) Subject to the approval by the Green Council, discount on application fee for each first application for "Hong Kong Green Label" certification may also be offered to the Environmental Label(s) holders and winners of the Sectoral Awards under the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE)


Application Procedure for HKGLS
To apply for a HKGLS label, please complete Application form Doc. No.: 003, with the necessary supporting documents (e.g. certificates of other environmental labelling schemes, product testing reports/certificates issued from accredited laboratory, and appropriate declarations) and send them to GC. The HKGLS label application form is available at the office of GC. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from the HKGLS website

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HKGLS Website:

Notes for Applicants

(a) The applicant has to submit one application only for all products that are evaluated under one set of Product Environmental Criteria.

(b) Upon request from GC or the Advisory Committee or authorised agent, the applicant has to arrange the necessary random sample check of the product in application and/or on-site assessment.

(c) The Regulations governing the HKGLS and use of the HKGLS Label may be obtained from GC and they are subject to revisions when necessary.

(d) Any questions on the use of the HKGLS label should be directed to GC.

(e) The decision of GC in certifying a product is subject to appeal by an independent committee comprising of at least 3 persons who have knowledge about the certification and at least one of the members shall have the technical knowledge of the manufacturing concerned. Also, the independent committee shall be independent to those making the original decision and shall have no conflict of interest with the investigating results.

(f) The applicant can further appeal to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre if aggrieved by the decision of the independent committee.

(g) The decision of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre will be final.

Product Assessment and Approval

Upon receipt of an application with associated supporting documents, GC will conduct a product assessment based on the pre-defined product environmental criteria for the product category concerned. The environmental features of the product as claimed will be verified. The assessment consists primarily of a detailed review of the supporting documents, and where necessary, staff interviews and site visits. The assessors may also collect information on the manufacturing process directly from the manufacturers.

In the course of product assessment, GC may, when necessary, invite experts, scholars and other relevant professionals and/or organisation representatives to assist in the product assessment, and provide professional judgement and technical recommendations as appropriate.

In some circumstances where analytical testing is necessary for product assessment purpose, the applicant will need to provide the testing reports or will be referred to qualified testing laboratories for the requisite analyses.

After the product assessment, GC will recommend to approve or disapprove the application. The Advisory Committee will be consulted prior to endorsement of the recommendation. Whenever deemed necessary, GC or the Advisory Committee may invite representatives from the applicant organisation and/or other relevant parties for further discussion/clarification. Under normal circumstances, applicants will be notified of application results within two months upon receipt of all necessary information from the applicant.

In case the submitted documents are found to be insufficient, GC will notify the applicant to make up and/or re-submit the required documents within one month. Should the applicant fail to do so, the application will be disapproved.

HKGLS Label Approval and Validity

For an approved application, GC will sign a licensing contract with the applicant, giving the latter permission to use the HKGLS label. The contract will contain details of:

(a) the licensee;

(b) the product that complies with the environmental criteria and is approved to bear the HKGLS label;

(c) the validity period; and

(d) confirmation that the applicant is bound by and will adhere to the Regulations and any specific terms and conditions governing the licensee's display and use of the HKGLS label.

On signing the contract by the licensee, GC will issue a certificate on the right to use the HKGLS label. The certificate is normally valid for three years. The licensee may apply for renewal at least 3 months before expiry of the licence.

Compliance Monitoring During the licence validity period, GC or authorised agent may from time to time carry out sample checks and/or site visits without prior notice to the licensee. This aims to ensure that the relevant product environmental criteria and licensing conditions have been observed at all times. In the event that the licensee is found to have failed to comply with the criteria/conditions, GC will demand proper rectification work to be completed within a specified time frame. Should the licensee be unable to rectify the situation, the licensing contract will be terminated and the certificate will be revoked.
Product testing Analytical testing to fulfill HKGLS requirements shall be performed by laboratories that meet the requirement laid out in the EN45001 standard or any equivalent systems (e.g., HOKLAS, ISO-IEC Guide 25), or ISO/IEC/EN 17025 which replaces ISO-IEC Guide 25 and EN45001.

The Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) is an accreditation scheme operated by Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) of the Innovation and Technology Commission. Its internet directory at provides the most up-to-date scopes of accreditation of HOKLAS accredited laboratories.

To find a laboratory accredited for a particular type of test, click on the required Test Category (e.g. Environmental Testing) in the list. A list of available tests under that Test Category will show up. The laboratories accredited for each of these tests will be shown in the column next to the test description. Click on the registration number to display its scope of accreditation.

Tests can also be performed by laboratories outside of Hong Kong because HOKLAS has concluded mutual recognition agreements/arrangements (MRA) with 53 laboratory accreditation bodies (55 accreditation schemes) in 42 economies. For contact details, please see You can access the website of HOKLAS's MRA partner by clicking upon the name of the organisation.

Please note that tests contained in Laboratory Reports submitted by the applicant under the requirement of HKGLS have to be performed within 3 years from the date of application. The applicants may be required to re-perform all of the test(s) if the laboratory reports have expired and/or there are significant revisions to the HKGLS product criteria.

Modification of Existing Products When an existing product is modified after obtaining the HKGLS Label, the applicant will notify GC in respect of the modification and a new application may be required depending upon the type and extent of modification being made.

Application and Assessment Procedures