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Green Label Scheme
Green Label Scheme > China Environmental Labelling Program > Introduction

China Environmental Labelling


In 2003, the China Environmental Labelling Program was lauched by Environmental Protection Administration Environmental Certification Centre (now call " China Environmental United Certification Center, CEC). They had developed a set of technical criteria for each product category of the Scheme and each product has to be independently assessed by undertaking On-site Inspection and Sample Product Testing, and the test results will be subjected to review and approval. It has adopted international standards and fulfills the technological requirement of environmental products proclaimed by the National Environmental Protection Bureau.

Products with environmental labels possess superior quality and environmental performance. Annual inspection and random sample checks will be carried out to ensure that good standards are maintained at all times. Since 1994 up to mid 2006, assessments have been conducted for 800 enterprises, and 12,000 products have been awarded the environmental label.

The China Environmental Labelling Program assists the general public to become more environmentally responsible in their everyday life by raising the awareness and promote green consumerism. It also assists enterprises not to be wasteful in using resources and non-renewable energy, encourages the development and production of green products which are friendly to the environment and not harmful to human. It also enables enterprises in China to gain a competitive edge in international trade. In a way the China Environmental Label has formed an environmental bridge for enterprises, consumers and the government. For more information, please visit the website