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Event / Activities
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Date Title
2015/11/13Green Carnival 2016
2014/12/12Green Council announced the winners of the Hong Kong Green Awards 2014
2013/06/29“Rethink” Green Life Photo Competition
2013/06/24Hong Kong Green Awards 2013
2013/04/15“Upgrading your brand: Go Green” Symposium
2013/03/28GEN News
2013/02/03Creative Eco-Model Tournament 2013
2013/02/03Green Carnival 2013
2012/12/06Hong Kong Green Awards 2012
2012/09/07ISEAL Credibility Principles
2012/07/03International Coastal Cleanup 2012 (15-09-2012 to 04-11-2012)
2012/06/18Public Consultation on HKGLS product criteria GL-008-011 Building Products in using Perlite / Natural Minerals
2011/03/07Big groups back global eco-label scheme
2011/03/01Master Life Cycle Assessment & Effective LCA with Simapro
2002/11/15Green Label Series: Green Construction Materials Seminar I - Impacts of Paint on Indoor Air Quality
2001/12/15環保標籤日漸風行 (Chinese Version Only)
2001/08/15The Importance Of Green Label To The Sustainable Development Of Hong Kong Economy
2001/03/15The Importance Of Green Label Towards Building Materials