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The 1st Hong Kong Green Day (2013/04/18)

The 1st Hong Kong Green Day
Invites all retail shops and restaurants to participate and offer
instant reduction of $2 for unwanted disposable cutlery/plastic bag

April 18, 2013, Hong Kong - To echo with the World Environment Day (June 5th) launched by the United Nations in 1972, Green Council, a non-profit environmental organization of Hong Kong, will launch “The 1st Hong Kong Green Day” on the same day this year. With the slogan “Go Green, Act Green”, a series of large-scale events will be organized in May onwards to appeal and encourage the general public as well as corporates in Hong Kong to dress in green on the Green Day. This also symbolizes their promise and support for environmental protection.

Disposable cutleries and plastic bags are being abused in Hong Kong, and hence resulted in serious wastage and environment pollution. In view of this, Green Council invites all restaurants and retail shops in Hong Kong to support their no-disposable campaigns on the Green Day by offering “instant reduction of $2 for every purchase without disposable cutlery / plastic bags” as well as “No paper bags / plastic bags”. This is to alert as well as to encourage general public to reduce the use of disposable cutleries, plastic bags and paper bags.

Ms Linda W.P. Ho, Chief Executive Officer of Green Council expressed that a large portion of carbon dioxide is produced during the process of production, transportation and disposal of the disposable cutleries/ plastic bags. Thus this has resulted in an adverse impact on global warming. According to the statistics at the Environmental Protection Department, the disposal of disposable cutlery has reached an alarming amount of 175 tonnes per year. However, if every one of us reduces the usage of one set of disposable cutlery a day, it can help reduce more than 3,000g of carbon dioxide a year. This is crucial to the situation in Hong Kong.

‘It is obvious that the usage of plastic bags has been reduced ever since the government has introduced an environmental levy on plastic shopping bags. However, some retail shops such as fashion boutiques and department stores are still not included in the regulation. Through this campaign “The 1st Hong Kong Green day”, Green Council aims to recruit retail shops of all levels to stop distributing plastic/ paper bags, and also encourage general public to use their BYOB. We hope to enhance the environmental awareness of the public”, Ms Ho continued.

Green Council has already received endorsement from different associations and corporates for this campaign. In addition to the above commitments on 5th June 2013, Green Council also welcomes individual participating retailers to decide if they would like to extend their commitment throughout the month, and/or offer their own unique environmentally friendly measures in the hope of saving our Earth’s resources.

Moreover, the theme for this year campaign is “Rethink”, the last R within the 4R cycle, which aims to inspire general public to rethink how they could take part and contribute to our environmental through the four basic necessities of daily life: Clothing, Food, Living and Transportation. Based on the theme, Green Council will launch a “RETHINK Photo Competition” with details as below:

Open Group – Upload the photo to Facebook Fan Page at “Hong Kong Green Day”
Each photo must include the elements “Green” and “Rethink” in order to qualify.
Primary Student Group and Secondary Student Group – Enrolment through their schools
Submission Period: May 6, 2013 to June 14, 2013

In addition, Green Council will organize several different Green events such as Green concerts, Eco Walk, Green City Hunt during June. We will also invite highly reputable industry professionals like Dr. Allan Zeman and Mr. Shih Wing Ching to record video addressing how their industry and public should support environmentally friendly habits in various ways. This video will be distributed to schools and universities during June to promote green living concepts in Hong Kong. A "Rethink" Green Living Photography Competition photo exhibition and awards ceremony will be organized as the closing event for the campaign in the last week of June. Details of the activities will be confirmed and release by early May.

Participated guests included (from left to right): M. Johnathan So;Professor Ho Kin-chung, The Dean of School of Science & Technology of The Open University of Hong Kong; Ms Linda W.P. Ho, Chief Executive Officer of Green Council; Mr. Simon Tam, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades; Mr. Shih Wing-ching, The Founder of Centaline Property Agency Limited