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    Hong Kong Green Day 2019

    Since 2013, Green Council has designated the United Nation's World Environment Day on the 5th of June as "Hong Kong Green Day" to raise public awareness on environmental protection, and it has become Hong Kong's annual environmental event.


    Activities include:

    • Hong Kong Green Day Kickoff Ceremony

    • Dress Green Campaign

    • Green Cook Cooking Competition

    • Green Icon Design Competition

    • Hong Kong Green Day Finale cum Green Mission Challenge

    • Green Shops and Restaurants Campaign

    Hong Kong Green Day Kickoff Ceremony


    The Hong Kong Green Day Kickoff Ceremony marks the launch of a series of green campaigns in June to inspire everyone to “Go Green, Act Green!"​. The Hong Kong SAR Government Environmental Protection’s ambassador, Big Waster, was invited to provide tips on how to live a plastic-free lifestyle. The Ceremony also announced the winners of Go Green Act Green School Programme to commend participating students who contributed to promoting green life. 

    Hong Kong Green Day 2019 Kickoff Ceremony
    Date: 5 June 2019 (Wednesday)

    Time: 12:30 - 15:30 (Game Booth and Workshop)

    Time: 16:00 - 18:00 (Kickoff Ceremony)

    Venue: Event Hall, UG/F, Citywalk, 1 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan


    Dress Green Campaign

    To echo the World Environment Day and celebrate the Hong Kong Green Day, the Green Council encourages the community to wear and display green in their clothing and/or accessories on 5 June. The Dress Green Campaign is expected to establish and strengthen citizens’ attitudes on the indivisible relationship between environmental protection and our daily lives.


    1. Park Hotel Property Management Limited

    2. KML Technology Group Limited


    Green Cook Cooking Competition

    Environmental protection starts from daily life, and reducing food waste is indispensable! By selecting organic food ingredients and cherishing food, people can eat healthily, and make the best use of it. Green Council is going to co-organise the Green Cook Competition with The Parents' Association of Pre-School Handicapped Children to promote environmental protection and low carbon eating habit.


    Green Icon Design Competition

    The environmental problems derived from global warming are becoming more and more obvious. Promoting sustainable development is a major social trend. The Green Icon Design Competition aims to encourage a group of environmentally conscious designers to design a set of six Hong Kong Green Day logos with their rich imagination and creativity. The logo will be used to promote the Hong Kong Green Day.


    Results (Chinese Version Only)

    Hong Kong Green Day Finale cum Green Mission Challenge


    Green Mission Challenge is a large outdoor competition comprising fun, wisdom and teamwork. The purpose is to inspire and improve the environmental knowledge of primary school students and stimulate them to think about their relationship with the environment and ecology. This year's Green Mission Challenge invited nearly 100 primary school students to join hands with teachers to complete the designated environmental protection tasks in Ocean Park, hence allowing them to establish good environmental habits and increase their understanding of marine ecology.

    Results (Chinese Version Only)

    Green Restaurants Campaign


    This year, Green Council partners with OpenRice for the first time and launches the Green Restaurant Campaign to spread the message of green dining to the community. Restaurants which adopted at least one of the below green measures and provides “Green Offer” to their customers are eligible for joining this Campaign.

    Green Restaurant Measures:

    • Green procurement

    • Energy-saving

    • Water-saving

    • Waste reduction and recycling


    Participating restaurants will be posted on OpenRice platform. Green Restaurant Labels will also be given to them for display to gain publicity.


    Green Shops Campaign

    Green Council encourages retail stores to promote the green message from clothing, food, housing and travel to the community. Through joining the Green Shop Campaign, merchants and customers can join hands to create a greener Hong Kong.


    Green Shop Measures:

    • Reduce the packaging of goods 

    • Save electricity 

    • Save water 

    • Waste reduction and recycling 

    • Reduce paper

    • Other environmental protection measures

    Green Shop Labels will also be given to participating shops for display to gain publicity.