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    Sustainable Procurement Charter

    1.  What is Sustainable Procurement?
    Sustainable procurement is procurement that has the most positive environmental, social and economic impacts possible across the entire life cycle and strives to minimise adverse impacts.
    (ISO 20400:2017 Sustainable procurement –Guidance)
    2.  What are the benefits of implementing sustainable procurement?

    • Ensure best value for money in procurement

    • Save resources through practices of 5Rs

    • Reduce carbon footprints

    • Build a sustainable supply chain for the future

    • Protect corporate reputation by supply chain risk management

    • Meet reporting requirements of ESG, GRI, DJS

    3.  My organisation has different business units.  Can I start with a few business units?
    Yes, member could determine the scope and region of application depending on the availability of resources.
    4.  Is there any time constraint for Charter Member?
    No, there is no time constraint in implementation of sustainable procurement but members shall set objective(s) and improve continually with reference to ISO 20400.

    5.  What value will my organisation receive after joining the Charter?
    By committing to long-term sustainable procurement, your organisation can ensure a sustainable supply chain and become future-proofed through increased efficiency and effectiveness. Being members, you will also receive added value from:

    • training courses, workshops and seminars on sustainable procurement

    • guidance and monitoring on implementation progress

    • inclusion in a collaboration platform involving companies in the same or similar industry sectors enabling the identification and potential sharing of best practices and experiences in implementing sustainable procurement

    • participation in a “process benchmarking” survey that help focus company strategic and resource allocation considerations

    • a cost effective independent assessment and verification of company sustainable procurement milestones and achievements

    • recognition of achievements through media exposure and/or Charter website postings

    • use of logo for sustainable procurement charter 

    6.  What is the cost of joining the Charter?
    A.)  Large corporations: HK$10000 per year.
    (2 representatives from each member will receive 1-day training on sustainable procurement.)
    B.)  SMEs: HK$1000 per year.
    (SMEs are manufacturing companies with fewer than 100 employees and non-manufacturing companies with fewer than 50 employees.)
    7.  Will Green Council be offering training to new ISO 20400?
    Green Council will provide regular training courses on ISO 20400.  Two employees of each member (Large Corporation) will also receive one-day training on this standard.
    8.  Is there any assessment for being a member?
    There is no assessment required for being a member at Established level.
    However, any organisation who applied for Mature or Leading Level is required to go through an on-site certification audit.  Auditing fee will incur.  Green Council, being an accredited certification body in Hong Kong, will issue a Certificate to the organisation who has been accessed by independent auditor and met the requirements of Sustainable Procurement Charter.
    9.  How could Green Council monitor the progress of member?
    Each year, all members in Mature or Leading Level are required to establish their own improvement objective(s) in implementation of sustainable procurement. Green Council will collect the implementation results of the objective(s) and help members to improve continually.
    10.  My organisation has implemented sustainable procurement policy governing all purchasing decisions. Should I still join the Charter?
    Yes! It will likely be a simple process to integrate the ISO 20400 principles into your current policy. By joining the Charter, you’ll be able to share the great work your organisation is doing with a public audience.