Sustainable Workspace Assessment


Hong Kong employees' average working hours are far longer than the global average. A comfortable, safe and healthy working environment can help improve employee wellbeing, productivity and sense of belonging to the company.

As an international business centre, Hong Kong is densely-populated. It is extremely challenging to provide employees with a suitable and productive workspace at low cost and high efficiency. Apart from this, workspaces also consume energy and resources as well as generate waste, which ultimately damage the environment.


The Green Council will launch the Sustainable Workspace Assessment in the first quarter of 2020 to assess whether companies' current workspaces are in consideration of sustainable criteria, which are based on the targets of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations (UN) for the world in 2015. The scope of assessment includes resource utilisation, environmental protection, diversity and inclusion, human rights protection, health and safety, etc.


  1. Promote organisations to provide a sustainable workspace for their employees in their working environment

  2. Recognise outstanding workspace through assessment and certification

Contribution to UN SDGs

Benefits of a Sustainable Workspace

  • Increase productivity, reduce sickness, absence and medical expenses

  • Save your operating expenses while conserving resources and reducing your waste production

  • Increase employees' sense of belonging and reduce turnover

  • Meet the UN SDGs and be recognised as a leader in sustainable development

How to Apply

Application is open throughout the year (will be opened in Quarter 1 of 2020).

Participating workspaces earn points by completing specific sustainability actions, which are assigned based on their impact and level of difficulty to implement. 

  1. Fill in the Application Form and submit the Application Fee

  2. An online checklist will be provided upon payment of Application Fee

  3. Fill out the checklist by marking all the actions applicable to your workspace

  4. Submit your checklist together with supporting documents and we will review and finalise your mark

  5. The top management must sign the Signature Form to affirm that the steps identified in the checklist are taken

Levels of Assessment

Sustainable Workspace Assessment consists of two levels, document review and further onsite audit.


Participating workspaces are encouraged to carry out onsite audits to prove that the supporting documents are consistent with the corresponding measures implemented in their daily operations. Applicants who passed the onsite audits will receive a certificate of recognition.

Participating workspaces who passed the assessment / certification will be acknowledged on the Green Council website and other publications for their positive contribution to sustainability in Hong Kong.


Application Fee of each workspace is HKD X,000


Certification is valid for 1 year from the date of award. The applicant must submit a new application for re-certification.

Cheque should be crossed and made payable to“Green Council”. Cash payment is not acceptable.