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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Choy Yat Chun Anthony is an avid sketcher and watercolor painter who finds joy through sketching around the streets of Hong Kong (mainly Hong Kong traditional buildings) and flower painting. Since 2016, he began studying watercolor and flower becoming the major object. The series of Hydrangea paintings is the signature of his portfolio and now he is exploring different techniques to depict the beauty of flower, so he went to Thailand and Taiwan for visiting several flower painting masters to study and sketch everywhere in 2017.

Time for Nature:
“Flowers and Birds” Watercolor Painting Series

To echo this year’s theme of the UN “World Environment Day”, “Time for Nature”, we collaborate with local artist Choy Yat Chun Anthony to host an online painting exhibition and share short videos on the painting techniques to portray the beauty of flowers and birds. Through the combination of art and environmental protection, we hope to deliver joy and positive messages to the public, while raising their environmental awareness.

Watercolor Paintings Demonstration 
Watercolor Paintings
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