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The private sector is becoming more active in the protection of the environment, we would like to invite more companies to join hands with us to show care to our environment through our programmes.

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Green Council Corporate Membership Programme is our new approach to assist corporates in fulfilling its business and sustainability objectives.

The UNSDG Achievement Awards Hong Kong was first organised and staged by the Green Council in 2021 with the goal of identifying and recognising organisations with exceptional performance on their business practices and sustainability projects that meeting SDGs.

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Hong Kong Green Awards ("HKGA") was first organised and staged by the Green Council in 2010 with the goal of formally identifying and recognising companies with exceptional performance on green purchasing and/or green management.

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The Sustainable Procurement Charter was established by the Green Council to promote the implementation of sustainable procurement to all organisation in Hong Kong. Charter members are committed to implementing sustainable procurement procedures with reference to ISO 20400.

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Comprehensive assessment rating platform to evaluate companies' sustainability infrastructure maturity

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