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The Sustainable Procurement Charter was established by the Green Council in 2018 to promote the implementation of sustainable procurement to all organisations in Hong Kong. Charter members are committed to implementing sustainable procurement procedures with reference to ISO 20400.  

The Sustainable Procurement Charter is recognised by the United Nations One Planet network as one of the initiatives to support the Sustainable Development Goal 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production”. 



Themes to implement:

  1. High-level management commitment

  2. Capacity building and stakeholder engagement

  3. Green procurement

  4. Life-cycle costing application

  5. Supplier environmental and social compliance

  6. Supply chain sustainability risk management

  7. Supplier diversity

  8. Continual improvement


Benefits to join:

  1. Training courses, workshops and seminars on sustainable procurement

  2. Guidance and monitoring on implementation progress

  3. Learning best practices from other organisations

  4. Participation in a "process benchmarking" survey

  5. Independent assessment on members’ achievements

  6. Use of Charter logo


Levels to achieve

The Charter framework guides companies to establish, document and implement Sustainable Procurement in 3 different levels according to the availability of organisational resources. In joining the Charter, your company is committed to implement the 8 themes and the Green Council will assess to measure and recognise the level of achievements:

Level - 1: Established (No assessment is required.)

Level - 2: Mature (Completion on Level 1 and 2 criteria.)

Level - 3: Leading (Completion on Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 criteria.)

The Green Council is inviting companies to participate in our Sustainable Procurement Charter as a means to develop, document and implement Sustainable Procurement with reference to ISO 20400.

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