Member Corner

Objective Setting

Green Council will facilitate the charter members to set and achieve the objectives for improving their procurement and supply chain management in generating positive of environmental, social and economic impacts.

Setting objectives are crucial for continual improvement. Objectives will also:

  • give everyone in your organisation a very clear picture of what you’re working towards;

  • motivate and drive employee to achieve results; and

  • help evaluate your performance

Objectives are determined and reviewed on annual basis.

Objective should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) with reference to your company policy and strategy, as far as possible.

Benchmarking Survey

To understand progress of an organization in implementing the sustainable procurement this will help organization to identify the gaps for improvement and to prioritze its resources allocation.

Benefits of joining benchmarking survey:

  • To analyze the overall progress of member in implementation of Sustainable Procurement.

  • To identify those common and uncommon practices.

  • To help focus and  allocate resources.

  • To record the member progress.

  • To treat as a continual process for seeking improvement opportunities.

​(Remark: Any data of individual organization will not be disclosed.)

Green Council is a Tax-Exempt Charity (Ref. No.: 91/6063)

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