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We conduct various publicity campaigns and educational programmes throughout the year to increase environmental awareness of the public, and to enhance their environmental knowledge.

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Green Run was first held in 2016 to raise public awareness about environmental conservation, protection and responsibility, as well as to promote the transformation of Hong Kong into a more sustainable city. By organising and staging this meaningful charity sports event, we encourage the public to implement greener choices and living habits in their daily lives.

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Organised by the Green Council since 2004, the Green Carnival is one of the most popular public environmental educational events in Hong Kong. Through informative and attractive booths and activities, the carnival spreads the message of green and low carbon living in daily life and promotes clean recycling.

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The Green School Programme aims to raise students’ awareness of environmental and related sustainable development issues through a series of activities.

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Since 2013, Green Council has designated the United Nation's World Environment Day on the 5th of June as "Hong Kong Green Day" to raise public awareness on environmental protection, and it has become Hong Kong's annual environmental event.

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The Green Council has been the official Hong Kong & Macau coordinator for the ICC since 2008. During the cleanup activities, data cards are completed by the volunteers, then we will comply and analyse the data collected. The final results will be published and used to educate the public, business, industry and government authorities about marine debris issue in Hong Kong. 

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