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The UNSDG Achievement Awards 2023 Hong Kong are coming. Stay tuned!

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by all United Nations Member States in September 2015, provide a framework and blueprint for the globe to take actions by 2030 on some of the most pressing issues confronting us in the pursuit of a more prosperous, inclusive and peaceful world for future generations. Organisations should foster the inclusion of the SDGs framework to support their sustainability efforts in this decade.


Green Council encourage organisations to adopt SDGs as framework on their daily business practices and initiate sustainability projects to benefit the community. The SDG Achievement Awards Hong Kong (“Awards”) was first organised and staged by the Green Council in 2021 with the goal of identifying and recognising organisations with exceptional performance on their business practices and sustainability projects that meeting SDGs.

Organisations  are encouraged to apply and nominate initiatives/ programs/ projects (“Project”) to join the Award. Entries will be evaluated by our panel or experts, including sustainability professional from different sectors, to determine whether they have outstanding achievement in contributing to SDGs.



  • To raise awareness of the importance of SDGs and sustainability in the society.

  • To give public recognition to organisations demonstrating contributions to SDGs.

  • To provide role models to inspire other organisations and share best practices and experiences.

Panel of Judges

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Supporting Organisations



Phone: +852 3620 2900 / 2810 1122

Email :

Award Policies

  • Participating organisations shall ensure that all information provided is true and correct. Any misrepresentation, omission or misleading information given may disqualify the application.

  • Participating organisations shall provide the required assistance to the Secretariat throughout the judging process

  • The decision of the Panel of Judges is final.

  • All information and documents supplied by the participating organisations during the review of entries are kept confidential and will be used only for the judging process.

  • The winners will be allowed to use the award logo on their stationery, promotional items and in advertising. In using the Logo, the organisations shall follow the guidelines provided by the Secretariat. Should there be any dispute arising from the right of using Logo, the decision of the Secretariat shall be final and binding.

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