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CEO's Message

Ms Linda W P Ho

Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the Green Council website!

This website keeps you updated of the ongoing initiatives and accomplishments of the Green Council, which​

  1. encourages and assists the industrial and commercial sectors to include environmental protection in their production and management processes

  2. promotes and provides public environmental education

As stated in our motto, “Conservation begins with Education”, Green Council believes that introducing and enhancing environmental awareness and consideration is a key to protecting the environment. In this regard, we focus on the following 7 main areas:


  1. ​education and training for environmental preservation

  2. green consumerism

  3. green management concepts and practices

  4. easing environmental burden

  5. waste recycling and waste reduction

  6. energy conservation

  7. sustainable development

Our work involves varying degrees and types of interactions with industries, governments, retailers and suppliers, procurers, academics, international partners and audiences, and the general public. With the aid of complementary training programs initiatives and special projects run by Green Council, our goal is to bring about informed, appropriate and positive changes in attitudes, decisions, actions and behaviours.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Green Council, I am confident that with the support and contributions of Green Council members and our various domestic and international partners, we can help transform Hong Kong into Asia’s green and sustainable World City. I hope you find our initiatives interesting and worthwhile, and that you will join us in protecting and better managing the environment.

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