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Green Run was first held in 2016 to raise public awareness on the environment. It aims to encourage the public to take part, insist on sportsmanship and be environmentally friendly in daily life. Achieving carbon neutrality before 2050 is extremely challenging and requires the participation of the whole community. The public can contribute by practising a low-carbon lifestyle through replacing the usage of transportation with running, no matter when going to school or work, or even casually going out.


Green Run 2022 will remain virtual this year, there is no designated location for the race. Each runner is only required to run at least 1 km in one go within the same day to finish the race. 

Application Period

11 Nov - 20 Dec 2022


Event Period

5 Dec - 31 Dec 2022


Race Requirements

There is location limit for the race, runners can decide on their ease. Runners are required to run at least 1 km in one go within the same day (0:00:00 - 23:59:59) to finish the race

Application Fee


Free of charge

【Green Corporate Team】


4-6 people per team



 Results and Photos Submission 

Runners are required to submit their results (Strava Activity Record) ONLY ONCE by 6 Jan 2023.

 How to Paste your Strava Activity Record Link? 

Please note that the Organiser will link your activity to your Strava (Strava free version is good enough) personal profile according to your activity tracking, and view the activity record. Therefore, please enable your “Profile Page” and “Activities” sharing to “Everyone” under “Privacy Controls” in settings.



Applicants will receive an electronic runner bib.

For runners who complete the race, they will receive an e-certificate and

Oliver's Super Sandwiches Electronic Food Voucher (available on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last).

 Prizes - Individual Race 

Long Lasting Low Emission Award

Runners with longest distance completed

  • Male Gold Award: Luk Koon Tat #1730

  • Male Silver Award: Anthony Liang #1129

  • Male Bronze Award: Yeung Ho Yin #1645

  • Female Gold Award: Tracy Cheung Chi Ting #1313

  • Female Silver Award: Hui Yu Yan #1161 

  • Female Bronze Award: Joey Lai #1954                 

Greenest Style Award

Wearing green costume, and show your commitment on lowering carbon emission

  • Roy TC Chow #1853                       

 Prizes - Green Corporate Team Race 

Long Lasting Low Emission Award

Teams with longest distance completed

  • Gold: ATAL Engineering Group

  • Silver: Poon's Engineering Limited

  • Bronze: D&G Technology Holding


Greenest Style Award

Wearing green costume with your team, and show your commitment on lowering carbon emission

  • Nestlé Hong Kong Limited

 Warm Reminders 

  • Participants are recommended to check the weather forecast from Hong Kong Observatory. Do not start in case of the following adverse weather conditions (typhoon, heavy rain, thunderstorm). If participants face adverse weather conditions during the race, please stop and stay in a well-structured shelter.

  • Participants should understand the event content and nature and participating in this event requires physical exertion. Participants should be in sound medical condition capable of participating in the event. The Organiser suggests all participants to monitor their own physical conditions deemed fit and capable for participating in the event. In case of doubt, please seek medical advice in advance. In case you are feeling sick during the event, you should immediately stop the activity.

  • Participants must comply with the traffic regulation and pay attention to vehicles when crossing the road.

  • People who are pregnant or with chronic diseases, like heart disease and high blood pressure, are not recommended to participate in the event.

  • Participants are advised to purchase their own insurance cover if necessary. The Organiser is not responsible for the safety of participants.

 Terms and Conditions 


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