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有見及此,環保促進會(下稱「本會」)推出「香港環保標籤計劃 - 回收成份認證」,此乃根據國際標準化組織ISO 14021標準而定的「第二類環保標籤」,讓業界及普羅大眾憑著一個「嘜頭」,即可認清真正含有回收成份的產品。


本會自2000年推行「香港環保標籤計劃」,是本港唯一根據ISO 14024標準而定的「第一類環保標籤」。現時「第一類環保標籤」涵蓋62款產品,為應對未設有環保標準的產品,國際間陸續出現「第二類環保標籤」,以核實生產商的環保聲明,例如回收成份含量、可拆解設計、製作過程或產品使用可再生能源等。因應市場需求,本會率先推出「回收成份認證」,作為本港的首個「第二類環保標籤」。

Green Council Launched the Recycled Content Certification

Final Preparation for future waste levy and raising recycling awareness

While there are increased concerns about the potential environmental problems brought by designated garbage bags subsequent to the passage of the waste charging bill by the Legislative Council, the usage of recycled materials in plastic bags could ease its impact on the environment, support local recycling businesses and build a circular economy.

There are a large number of products and packaging on the market claiming to contain recycled materials, yet, procurement officers and consumers are unable to distinguish the authenticity among the products without verification. A survey by the Consumer Council revealed that over 30 per cent of respondents thought the information provided by the green products on market is not comprehensive and hence suggested manufacturers obtain ecolabels through a third-party certification to ensure accuracy of environmental information.

In view of the above, the Green Council (“GC”) announced the launch of the “Hong Kong Green Label Scheme - Recycled Content Certification”, an ISO 14021 Type II ecolabel. With this label as a “mark” for recognition, procurement officers and the public could immediately identify products truly containing recycled materials.

This certification applies to products with recycled content, such as plastic bags, tableware, containers, textiles and papers, etc. Through a set of rigorous, standardised and quantified certification procedures, as well as all-round surveillance on the manufacturing process of recycled products, GC could effectively differentiate recycled products and general original products. Certified products are allowed to use ecolabel showing the contained recycled content, improving product reputation and enhancing competitiveness for entering recycling markets, at the same time helping procurement officers and consumers to make more environmentally friendly choices.

GC has implemented the Hong Kong Green Label Scheme since 2000, and is the only ISO 14024 Type I ecolabel in Hong Kong. So far the Type I label covers 62 products, in order to cater for products without product criteria, overseas territories have gradually set up Type II ecolabel for certifying manufactures’ environmental declarations, such as recycled content, design for disassembly, use of renewable energy, etc. In response to the market demand, GC is launching the Recycled Content Certification as the first Type II ecolabel in Hong Kong.


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