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ECH2O Awards

The ECH2O Awards is jointly organised by the Water Supplies Department and

Green Council to encourage and commend the commercial and industrial sectors to reduce and cherish water with new and feasible solutions, tools, equipment or systems.

There are three annual awards, namely:

"Sectorial Cherish Water Award" 

Aims to recognise premises that have performed excellence in cherishing water in various sectors;
"Cherish Water Achievement Award"
Aims to recognise premises that have performed excellence in achieving their water conservation targets;
"Outstanding ECH2O Manager"
Aims to recognise ECH2O Managers for their strong commitment, enthusiasm and outstanding performance in cherishing water within their premises;


Signees of the ECH2O Charter

Evaluation Period

The evaluation period is from January to December 2024

Awards winners - 

•    Will gain media coverage to showcase their cherishing water achievements

•    May be invited to share their achievements and experiences at public events

•    Will be entitled to use the award for promotional and publicity purposes in a given period

•    Will be presented with a trophy and / or a certificate

•    Can showcase their achievements in ESG/sustainability


Sectorial Cherish Water Award

Recognises premises that have performed excellence in cherishing water in various industries.

Industries include: Hotel / Eatery / Shopping Mall / Industrial Building / Commercial Building

Premises rank within the top 10 percentiles of the 2024 Water Efficiency Index (WEI)* will be awarded.

High water efficiency refers to the completion of the most business activities with the least water consumption. Therefore, the lower the WEI is, the better the performance will be.

Cherish Water Achievement Award

Recognises premises that have performed excellence in achieving their water conservation targets.

The organiser will assess on two criteria:

(1) Water conservation target:

Premises must submit their annual water conservation target by Q2 of 2024. The organiser will rate the targets of all premises. The higher the target is, the higher the score will be. If the premises fail to reach the target at the year end, no score will be given.

(2) Water reduction rate:

The organiser will compare the water reduction rates of participating premises between 2024 and 2023, and rate them according to the degree of water reduction. The higher the water reduction rate is, the higher the score will be.

Outstanding ECH2O Manager

Each premises can nominate an ECH2O Manager to participate, and use a 10-page PowerPoint presentation (text and photo report) to illustrate how he/she promotes cherishing water in his/her premises based on three criteria: "impact", "stakeholder engagement" and "creativity".


Enrolment will be opened in Quarter 3 of 2024.

Impact (40%)
As a result of his/her efforts of promoting water conservation, what tangible and intangible effects were produced? What are the changes to the environment and the premises?

Stakeholder Engagement (30%)
How did he/she promote and encourage the active participation of stakeholders?
How did he/she inform, consult, involve and engage the stakeholders?
How did he/she demonstrate excellent communication skills and actively share professional knowledge and experience on cherishing water with different stakeholders?

Creativity (30%)
Is there any creative or innovative measure adopted in the premises to promote cherishing water?

The organiser will shortlist participants with better performance to enter the final selection stage.

The shortlisted participants will give a 10-minute presentation to the judging panel, introducing their work and achievements in cherishing water.


Deadline for submission of water conservation target: Q2 of 2024

Judging: Q1 of 2025
Award Presentation Ceremony: March 2025

Green Council is a Tax-Exempt Charity (Ref. No.: 91/6063)

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