Since 2013, Green Council has designated the United Nation's World Environment Day on the 5th of June as "Hong Kong Green Day" to raise public awareness on environmental protection, and it has become Hong Kong's annual environmental event.

“ The Green Six ”

Practice “The Green Six”, Practice green lifestyle.

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Dress Green Campaign

Dress green or put on our commemorative pins on 5th June and help spread the green messages!

Green Pledge

Sign the “Green Pledge” and become a green enterprise.

Green Cooking Video

We partner with food expert, Walter Kei,

and made a know-how video

to share green recipe.


Stands for “old, but I love you”. Social media campaign to promote

"Use Less, Waste Less".

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Green Restaurants

We partner with OpenRice to launch this commendation scheme for RESTAURANTS implementing green measures. The best opportunity for brand building.

Green Shops

Commendation scheme for SHOPS implementing green measures. The best opportunity for brand building.

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Watercolor Paintings

Echoing WED’s theme “Time for Nature”, we partner with local artist Choy Yat Chun Anthony to host an online painting exhibition and share painting techniques with short video.

Green Jewellery

We partner with 7 jewellery designers from Loupe to create Eco-Jewellery DIY video and “The Green Jewellery” Collection.

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