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HKGLS is open to application by local and overseas businesses and industries. Please make sure that your product falls under one of the categories stated under the Product Criteria.

Documents Needed (New Application or Renewal)​

  1. Application Form together with Application Fee or Renewal Fee

  2. Business Registry and Factory's Legal Status Document

  3. Testing Reports issued from Accredited Laboratory, and appropriate Declarations (within 3 years from the date of application) to show the products comply with ALL requirements in the Product Criteria and the General Packaging Materials

  4. Product's Production Flow Chart

  5. Letter or Documents from the Authority demonstrate that the Factory doesn't violate any Environmental Laws or ISO14001 Certificate or Environmental Impact Assessment Report of the Factory

  6. Product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

  7. Product Catalogue

  8. Supporting Documents (e.g. Product Samples, Photos, Other Certificates, etc.)

Product Testing​
All test reports must be issued by The Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS)* accredited laboratories or nationally accredited laboratories (for details please click here).


*HOKLAS is an accreditation scheme operated by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) of the Innovation and Technology Commission. Its internet directory provides the most up-to-date scopes of accreditation of HOKLAS accredited laboratories.

Product Assessment and Approval​
Upon receipt of an application with associated supporting documents, the environmental features of the product as claimed will be verified. The assessment consists primarily of a detailed review of the supporting documents, and where necessary, staff interviews and site visits. The assessors may also collect information on the manufacturing process directly from the manufacturers. Experts, scholars and other relevant professionals and/or organisation representatives may be invited to assist in the product assessment, and provide professional judgement and technical recommendations as appropriate.

After the product assessment, the Advisory Committee will be consulted before the endorsement of the recommendation. Under normal circumstances, the applicant will be notified of application results within 2 months upon receipt of all necessary information.

In case the submitted documents are found to be insufficient, the applicant will be notified to make up and/or re-submit the required documents within 1 month. Should the applicant fail to do so, the application will be disapproved.

HKGLS Label Approval and Validity​
For an approved application, the Green Council will sign a licensing contract with the applicant, and a certificate valid for 3 years will be issued. The licensee may apply for renewal at least 3 months before the expiry of the licence.

​Compliance Monitoring
During the licence validity period, the Green Council or authorised agent may from time to time carry out sample checks and/or site visits without prior notice to the licensee. This aims to ensure that the relevant product environmental criteria and licensing conditions have been observed at all times. If the licensee is found to have failed to comply with the criteria/conditions, the Green Council will demand proper rectification work to be completed within a specified time frame. Should the licensee be unable to rectify the situation, the licensing contract will be terminated and the certificate will be revoked.

Modification of Existing Products​
When an existing product is modified after obtaining the HKGLS Label, the applicant shall notify the Green Council in respect of the modification and a new application may be required depending upon the type and extent of modification being made.

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