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Hong Kong Green Label Scheme

The criteria are reviewed every 3 years and revised when necessary to take into account any advances in environmental technology and/or changes in current environmental concerns.

General Packaging Materials

001 - Common Paper Products with Recycled Content
GL-001-002 Paper Envelope
GL-001-003 Note-pad
GL-001-004 Paper Folder
GL-001-005 Toilet Paper
GL-001-006 Paper Towel

002 - Common Plastic Products with Recycled Content
GL-002-001 Plastic Folder
GL-002-002 PVC Pipe and Fitting
GL-002-003 Plastic Bags for Non-food Products
GL-002-004 Plastic Products for Office Use
GL-002-005 Non-clothing Products Using Recycled Plastics

003 - Common Cleaning Products
GL-003-001 Laundry Detergent
GL-003-002 Detergent for Sanitary Facilities
GL-003-003 Machine Dishwashing Detergent
GL-003-004 Hand Dishwashing Detergent
GL-003-005 All Purpose Cleaner
GL-003-006 Industrial Cleaner
GL-003-007 Disinfectant/Disinfectant-Cleaner

004 - Stationery
GL-004-001 Pen
GL-004-002 Pencil
GL-004-003 Correction Fluid and Thinner
GL-004-004 Printing Ink
GL-004-005 Printed Matter

005 - Other Common Consumable
GL-005-001 Rechargeable Battery
GL-005-002 Ink and Toner Cartridges
GL-005-004 Lubricating Oil / Grease
GL-005-005 Degradable Food/Drink Containers and Bags
GL-005-006 Degradable Non-Food/Drink Containers and Non-Food Bags
GL-005-007 Textile Products Using Recycled Materials
GL-005-008 Printing Paper
GL-005-009 Consumer Paper Packaging
GL-005-010 Oxo-biodegradable Plastic Products – Non Food / Drink
GL-005-011 Oxo-biodegradable Plastic Products - Food / Drink

006 - Computer Products
GL-006-001 Personal Computer
GL-006-002 Computer Monitor
GL-006-003 Copying Machines, Printers, Fax Machines and Multifunctional Devices
GL-006-004 Green IT Software

007 - Electronic and Electrical Appliances
GL-007-001 Water Heaters
GL-007-002 Washing Machines
GL-007-003 Clothes Dryers
GL-007-004 Dishwashers
GL-007-005 Refrigeration Appliances
GL-007-006 Air-conditioners
GL-007-007 Fluorescent Lamps
GL-007-008 Air Cleaners
GL-007-009 Electronic Ballasts
GL-007-010 LED Lamps
GL-007-011 Small Home Appliances

008 - Construction Materials
GL-008-001 Building Material Made of Fly Ash
GL-008-002 Flooring Materials
GL-008-003 Wall Coverings
GL-008-004 Windows
GL-008-005 Carpeting Modular
GL-008-006 Fibre Reinforced Home Décor Product
GL-008-007 Ceramic Tile
GL-008-008 Adhesive
GL-008-009 Building Products Using Recycled Materials
GL-008-010 Paint
GL-008-011 Building Products Using Natural Minerals
GL-008-012 Thermal Building Insulation

010 - Automotive Products
GL-010-001 Automotive Oil Filter
GL-010-002 Fuel Additive

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