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    Hong Kong Green Label Scheme

    HKGLS is a self-financed scheme and the operation costs are principally recovered from the following 3 parts:

    Application Fee  or  Renewal Fee
    Evaluation Fee  or  On-site Audit Fee
    Licence Fee for 3 Years

    1. Application Fee / Renewal Fee
    An Application Fee of HKD8,000 per product criteria which covers the administrative expenses for the first 3 years.

    Renewal Fee of HKD3,800 per product criteria which is payable upon each renewal of the licence for a 3-year period.


    1. The Application Fee/ Renewal Fee is non-returnable and must be sent with the application

    2. A new application may be required for significant modifications in product characteristics

    2. Evaluation Fee / On-site Audit Fee
    A) An Evaluation Fee of HKD2,000 per product.


    1. This fee relates to professional costs associated with document review, product checks and reporting

    2. This fee will be charged upon award of the Green Label

    B) As deemed necessary, on-site audit will be conducted. For the following product criteria, where on-site factory audit is required, the On-site Audit Fee (HKD8,000 per personday) will be charged instead of the Evaluation Fee. It is calculated by the number of persondays. The number of persondays is calculated based upon the size of the premise, complexity of the production process, number of staff and location. Travelling time of the auditor(s) to and from the factory will be included in the total number of persondays. Please contact the Green Council for accurate audit cost estimates.

    HKGLS Code No.

    GL-001-002 Paper Envelope
    GL-001-003 Note-pad
    GL-001-004 Paper Folder
    GL-001-005 Toilet Paper
    GL-001-006 Paper Towel
    GL-002-001 Plastic Folder
    GL-002-002 PVC Pipe and Fitting
    GL-002-003 Plastic Bags for Non-food Products
    GL-002-004 Plastic Products for Office Use
    GL-002-005 Non-clothing Products Using Recycled Plastics
    GL-005-002 Ink and Toner Cartridges
    GL-005-007 Textile Product Using Recycled Materials
    GL-005-008 Printing Paper
    GL-005-009 Consumer Paper Packaging
    GL-008-001 Building Material Made of Fly Ash
    GL-008-002 Flooring Materials (only applicable for flooring materials made of recycled materials)
    GL-008-003 Wall Coverings
    GL-008-005 Carpeting Modular
    GL-008-009 Building Products Using Recycled Materials
    GL-008-011 Building Products Using Natural Minerals


    1. If an applicant can provide third party inspection reports from an accredited inspection/ certification body, the on-site audit may be exempted with approval from the HKGLS Advisory Committee. In such circumstances, the Evaluation Fee will be charged

    2. An applicant is required to pay all on-site audit direct costs involved, such as those related to accommodation, meals, transportation, communications and other related expenses

    3. The applicant is required to pay the on-site audit fee 14 days before the audit date

    3. Licence Fee
    Licence Fee for 3 years of HKD6,000 per product awarded the Green Label.


    1. This fee covers all expenses related to the monitoring of compliance, development of new product categories and promotion of the use of Green Label

    2. This fee will be charged upon award of the Green Label


    4. Other Notes

    1. The above fee does not include bank charges and other extra fees (e.g. fees on remittance, postage, transportation, etc). The Applicant shall be responsible for settling the above expenses

    2. The above fee does not cover testing reports submitted by the applicant under the requirement of HKGLS

    3. An administration fee of HKD1,000 per certificate will be collected for amendments to existing certificate

    The HKGLS's fee for first application of a single product, which does not require on-site audit:


    First 3 years

    Application Fee HKD8,000.00

    Evaluation Fee HKD2,000.00

    Licence Fee for 3 years HKD6,000.00

    Total HKD16,000.00


    Renewal (after 3 years)

    Renewal Fee HKD3,800.00

    Evaluation Fee HKD2,000.00

    Licence Fee for 3 years HKD6,000.00

    Total HKD11,800.00

    The above fees do not include testing reports submitted by the applicant under the requirement of HKGLS.